Our programs for education aim to empower people to create their own future. We support teachers, provide free pre-school and livelihood education, and help schools build a library of books for further learning. Through these education programs, which benefit teachers and young and adult students, we help others help themselves.

Phoenix Philippines Foundation, Inc. also supports the Department of Education’s various programs, such as Brigada Eskwela and the K-12 Program.

Since 2008, Phoenix Foundation participates in the government’s “Adopt A School Program.”

From one school, we now have eleven adopted schools: Vicente Hizon Elementary School, Doña Asuncion Hizon Elementary School, Davao City Special School, San Roque Central Elementary School, Lapu Lapu Elementary School, and F. Bangoy Central Elementary School in Davao City; Talisayan Elementary School in Zamboanga City; Sawang Calero Elementary School, Pasil Elementary School, and Tayud Elementary School in Cebu; and Salong Elementary School in Batangas.

Phoenix shoulders the salary of the pre-school teachers including budget for instructional materials, so that young students can study for free.

From 2008 to March 2012, a total of 601 Phoenix Scholars already graduated.


The ALS Livelihood Education is a free education program implemented by the Department of Education under the Bureau of Alternative Learning System. While the ALS is initiated by the government, it needs institutional support to sustain its projects and activities.

Because it is free to students, ALS helps the less fortunate and provides opportunities to out-of-school youths (OSYs), industry-based workers, housewives, maids, factory workers, drivers, members of cultural minorities, and indigenous people.

Since August 2009, Phoenix Foundation shoulders the salary of the ALS teachers of our adopted schools, and provides large equipment for courses, such as welding.

The Phoenix ALS Program consists of the Accreditation & Equivalency (A&E) Test and Livelihood Education courses. The Accreditation & Equivalency classes are offered to those who have not attended or finished formal high school education, and are held on Sundays to accommodate working students. On the other hand, the Livelihood Education program offers courses like Welding, Electronics, Electricity, Plumbing and Cosmetology. Other courses offered include Cellphone Repair, Computer Repair, Hair Science and Manicure/Pedicure. 

Since adopting our partner schools, Phoenix Foundation not only shoulders the salaries of the teachers, but also donates a budget for instructional materials. The school uses this purchase new and colorful reference books and storybooks.

At present, the Phoenix Foundation continues to donate books to all our 11 adopted schools and other schools, as well.