Be a Phoenix Dealer

  • Why Phoenix?

    Franchising a Phoenix station saves you time and money. With Phoenix, negotiations and approvals are faster because decision-makers are practically a call away. Recovery period of investment is shorter because of our low investment plan offerings and higher per-liter margin, which also grants you bigger earnings in the long run

    Access to Valuable Information
    Associating yourself with Phoenix affords you access to market studies, new developments in the business and extensive advertising and marketing support. All of which costs more outside the Phoenix chain.

    Faster Turnover
    Our average construction period is six months, so you can start earning sooner than later. Our terms are flexible, customized to meet the franchisee’s needs, keeping in mind the bottom line that is the profitability of the business partners: you and Phoenix Petroleum.

    Low Investment, Interest-Earning Deposits
    Our start-up costs are kept at a minimal. Bond and equipment deposits earn interest. Construction costs depend on the agreed design between franchisee and franchisor and can thus go at a significantly lower total.

    Unlimited Business Concepts
    Today’s consumers put much emphasis on convenience (variety, accessibility and affordability), Phoenix Petroleum feeds on this opportunity and provides its franchisees an option to create a community of establishments that will cater to specific and unique needs of the people in the area where the Phoenix station is located. The community becomes an added come-on feature for the Phoenix station.

    For our Phoenix stations open for dealership, click here.

    Steps to a Phoenix Franchise

    Fill out the form of intent below and Franchise Application form, or contact our Customer Service Hotlines 1-800-10-PNXFUEL (769-3835) and 0917-313-7011.

    Should you encounter problems in filling up the form below, you may access our alternative form by clicking here. Thank you.



    The Retail Territory Manager assigned to your area will give you a call and meet to discuss your queries as a prospective business partner.
    Following the meeting, you will be asked to fill up a Phoenix Franchise Application Form where your proposed site will be indicated as well. (If no site is proposed, we will look for a suitable area for you from our pool of lots.)
    We will visit the proposed site and do a traffic count. In case the site does not conform to Phoenix’s standards, you may submit other locations or choose from our pool of sites.
    We will schedule an interview of you with the Dealer Selection Panel (DSP). Here, you will meet a team of executives who will ask about your background and commitment to operating a Phoenix station.
    If you pass the interview, you will sign a Franchise Agreement with Phoenix and pay the corresponding fees.
    For CODO stations, Phoenix will secure the necessary permits. For DODO, you will secure the permits, but we will assist you in the process.
    Your Phoenix station will be constructed in approximately four months depending on the size.
    You and your staff will undergo technical training.
    We will assist you in your soft and grand opening. Congratulations and welcome to the growing Phoenix family!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Phoenix Petroleum?
    Phoenix Petroleum Philippines is the leading independent oil company in the country. As a homegrown corporation, we uphold values that are distinctly Pinoy. One of these is treating the entire team as Family, giving our support in every way possible. Malasakit is a value we feel strongly about. It is a value uniquely Filipino, uniquely Phoenix.

    • We started as a 5-station network to over 450-strong in just 10 years.
    • From being 570th in the Top 10,000 Philippine Corporations, we have risen to rank 31 in just 8 years.
    • We have been named Outstanding Franchise Company, Best in Franchise Support, and Fastest Growing Franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise Awards 2013.
    • We are part of the BPI Family Savings Bank’s Ka-Negosyo Best List Franchise Brands.
    • We were awarded as Outstanding FIlipino Franchise In Retail - Large  category in the 2015 Franchise Excellence Awards (FEA) by the Philippine Franchise Association.

    Today, Phoenix is soaring high as one of the trusted brands in the country.

    What benefits do I get as a Phoenix business partner?
    As our business partner, we help you get started with identifying, selecting and evaluating your site, or we recommend one.

    • You receive access to our Design Standards Manual. We assist you in managing the construction of your station.
    • We help you and your staff get ready with practical technical training courses. These include induction courses for you.
    • You receive complete, state-of-the-art and ready-to-operate equipment, like gas pumps, tanks, and signages.
    • You receive help on your station’s pre-opening and start-up activities
    • You have use of the Phoenix brand, receive updates on the industry, and receive guidance to help you provide the best customer service at all times.
    • You have access to our Operations Manual to help you address your station’s day-to-day concerns.
    • You can expect one-on-one guidance and business evaluation support.
    • Your efforts are rewarded with our exciting Business Partners’ incentives.
    • You enjoy year-round marketing activities with TV, print, radio, and social media exposure.
    • You can have non-fuel related businesses such as convenience store, auto service shop, restaurant, ATM, money remittance and others in your station.

    Here at Phoenix, we help you succeed. When you meet your goals, we meet ours too.

    Who can qualify as a Phoenix business partner?
    If you’re an individual or corporation who has the capital, capability, willingness to learn the business, and has the right attitude to grow a Phoenix station, we’d like you to be our business partner.

    What types of franchise packages do you have?
    We have 2 types of franchises:

    • Company-Owned, Dealer-Operated (CODO)
    • Dealer-Owned, Dealer-Operated (DODO)

    The Company Owned, Dealer Operated (CODO) Station will cost between Php 2.5 million to Php 5.0 million, and Dealer Owned, Dealer Operated (DODO) Station between Php 4.0 million to Php 5.0 million. These include the brand reimbursement fee, equipment, and initial stock.

    For CODO stations, Phoenix will secure the necessary permits. For DODO, you will secure the permits, but we will assist you in the process.

    How much is the Brand Reimbursement Fee?
    Depending on the estimated prospective volume, the Brand Reimbursement Fee ranges from P350,000 to P550,000 for DODO and P500,000 to P1 million for CODO stations.

    The dealer has to pay the Brand Reimbursement Fee in full amount for the first five (5) years of dealership for the first station. If he becomes a dealer of another station, a 50% discount will be applied on the second station if the performance is exemplary in the first station. If there will be more opportunities for a third to fifth station, 35% discount will be applied if the first two (2) stations exceed expectations in operations and sales.

    What other fees will I be paying?
    A Participation Fee will be paid every year amounting to Php 50,000 for CODO and Php 35,000 for DODO, starting on the first year.

    What are your criteria for selecting a site?
    Currently, we require an area to be at least 800 square meters, with a frontage of at least 30 meters. The site must be located near residential and commercial areas and along high traffic volume highways. Exceptions on lot area requirements may be made based on the potential volume of the site.

    Who will look for the site? What if I don’t have a site yet?
    Our prospects usually recommend sites to us. However, interested franchisees without potential sites may still apply and wait until we find a suitable location for you to operate. Our representative Retail Territory Manager can further discuss the site selection criteria.

    Who will shoulder the construction cost?
    Whoever owns the station shoulders the construction cost, thus for DODO – the dealer, and for CODO – the company. In both cases, we make the customized building plans and design for the station. Only accredited contractors can build the station, but the franchisee may make his recommendation.

    For DODO stations, the dealer undertakes full responsibility of the site construction, since ownership will be of the dealer’s. The mechanical works will be our share. Phoenix Engineers will assist and guide you to make sure that standard specifications are met.

    How soon can I operate my Phoenix station?
    Once the site has been approved, corresponding LGU requirements secured, ROA/lease agreement signed, and all required fees paid, it will take approximately 4 months for a station to be ready to operate, depending on the size.

    Who will provide the manpower for the station?
    You will provide the necessary manpower, but we will give the training for you and your initial hired employees. We require that the dealer/franchisee attend the training for you to be familiar with the operating procedures and rules.

    How long is the Dealership Contract? Is it renewable?
    It is a 5 year contract and renewable for another 5 years based on the dealer’s performance.

    Is there ongoing support from Phoenix even after my station opens?
    Yes! From the opening until operation of your Phoenix station, we help you make your business journey easy.

    • From day 1, A Retail Territory Manager (RTM) will be assigned to handle your account to guide you and your staff and help you meet your business goals and objectives
    • Phoenix provides marketing support to franchisees in the form of national media campaign, local store marketing, and promotions
    • Through SOAR Magazine, the company’s official magazine released quarterly to employees and business partners, you have the chance to promote your station for free
    • From print to online, Phoenix also provide online support. Through our official website, the Phoenix Central Mobile App, and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you can get the latest news, promos, and price advisory of Phoenix Petroleum.
    • Operational support is also provided. Giving the best service to our business partners is a priority. The Customer Service Unit (CSU) is a one-stop shop for customer orders, inquiries, and requests. With CSU, customers will be able to order more conveniently through one centralized unit.
    • Incentives for outstanding performers are given at the end of each year. The Business Partners Appreciation Night held every December recognizes the year’s outstanding dealers. At the same time, it gathers Phoenix business partners and Team Phoenix in a grand celebration. We also have our Lakbay Pasasalamat program, where these exceptional performers are treated to a vacation abroad.

    What business concepts are allowed in the Phoenix station?
    There is no limit as to the kind of non-fuel business you can put up in your station, but it must be approved by Phoenix. Among these businesses operating in Phoenix mega-stations are service bays, convenience stores, Western Union money remittance, ATMs, auto repair shop, restaurants, and coffee shops.


Through dealership agreements, Phoenix Petroleum offers for franchising the right to operate a Phoenix gasoline retail service station, and use of the company’s retail operations and management system.

In support of its franchisees, Phoenix Petroleum provides the following assistance to the prospective business partner:

  • Site Evaluation Assistance and Station Lay-Out Assistance
  • Pre-opening and start-up assistance
  • Provision of Station Equipment (pumps, tanks and signage)
  • The Phoenix Operations Manual
  • Technical Training
  • Continuous research and product development
  • Continuing visits, guidance and business evaluation support
  • Use of Phoenix brand, system and design
  • Local marketing and promotional assistance
  • Sales territory protection

Phoenix Petroleum among BPI’s Ka-Negosyo Best List Franchise Brands

Phoenix Petroleum Philippines is one of the recommended franchise brands of BPI Family Savings Bank. The Ka-Negosyo Best List, which was unveiled at the Ka-Negosyo Franchise Expo 2012 last April, aims to help widen business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Phoenix is one of 11 accredited growing franchise brands of BPI Family. Their Ka-Negosyo Program seeks to make franchising easy for entrepreneurs through the Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan, which helps franchisees from starting up to keeping the business growing.

The Ka-Negosyo Best List is the bank’s guide to the best-recommended, the most established, profitable, and franchisee-friendly brands in the country. BPI Family Ka-Negosyo said it “grants the seal of approval to franchise brands that observe superior financial soundness, strong technical and marketing support for its franchisees, and transparency in business practice.”