Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS)

Phoenix Petroleum ensures the safety of everyone by providing information about how to handle certain products like Gasoline, Biodiesel, Kerosene, and other specially-formulated oils. The information on this page will also enable the users to take necessary steps to avoid certain risks that might affect the safety and protection of human health, safety in the workplace, and the environment.

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a. Biodiesel (PDF)

b. Gasoline
    60000001_MSDS PREMIUM 98 GASOLINE 98 RONE10 05-21-2013 (PDF)
    60000002_MSDS PREMIUM PLUS GASOLINE 97RON E10 05-21-2013 (PDF)
    60000003_MSDS PREMIUM GASOLINE 95 RON E10 05-21-2013 (PDF)
    60000004_MSDS SUPER REGULAR GASOLINE 91RON E10 05-21-2013 (PDF)

c. Jet A1 (PDF)

d. Kerosene (PDF)

e. Marine Gas Oil (MGO) PDF

f. Special Blend Fuel Oil (SFO)
   60000007_MSDS SFO 1500 05-21-2013 (PDF)
   60000008_MSDS SFO 1100 05-21-2013 (PDF)
   60000009_MSDS SFO 600 05-21-2013 (PDF)
   60000010_MSDS SFO 400 05-21-2013 (PDF)
   60000011_MSDS SFO 300 05-21-2013 (PDF)
   60000012_MSDS SFO 200 05-21-2013 (PDF)
   60000013_MSDS SFO 180 05-21-2013 (PDF)
   60000014_MSDS SFO 60 05-21-2013 (PDF)
g. Industrial Fuel Oil (IFO) PDF