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Sarap pala magluto with Sarah G and Phoenix SUPER LPG!

Discover the joys of cooking with Sarah G as she takes over the kitchen with Phoenix SUPER LPG! Dahil safe, sigurado, at simple, mas enjoy na ang pagluluto ng mga masasarap na pagkain na fit for a popstar royalty!


The Phoenix SUPER LPG Kalderoke is a cooking show and singing contest rolled into one entertaining spectacle. If you love singing while cooking, this contest is for you!

Participants who will be chosen to be part of the "digital cook-off" will have the chance to advance to the TV show. Contestants will have cooking clashes and singing battles until only two finalists reach the final round.

Up for the challenge? Join the Phoenix SUPER LPG Kalderoke now!

Read the full mechanics here.

Bakit masarap magluto with Phoenix SUPER LPG?

Ito lang ang may German made SRG regulator para:

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Ito ay may inlet safety valve na nagpapatigil ng LPG flow kung sakaling magkaroon ng leakage. Ito rin ay may on-and-off switch na may tight at secured connecting system.

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Ito ay may reserve indicator kaya sigurado ka sa content. Gamit ito, malalaman mo kung kailangan na ulit mag-order.

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Ito ay may snap-on mechanism na madaling ikabit at madaling tanggalin. Ang SRG Regulator ay madaling nakaiikot at nakasusunod sa direksyon ng hose para walang tension.



Uses of LPG

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The common domestic uses of LPG include cooking, heating, refrigeration, gas lighting, clothes drying, and air conditioning.

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Commercial uses of LPG are similar but in bigger quantity as required by hotels, restaurants, and hospitals.

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The industrial uses of LPG are cutting, soldering, grain drying, tannery, and tobacco drying.

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Agricultural uses include poultry, grain drying, and weed killing.

Phoenix SUPER LPG - 11kg compact tank

11 kg
Compact-Valve Tank

Phoenix SUPER LPG - 11kg pull tank

11 kg
POL Valve Tank

Phoenix SUPER LPG - 22kg tank

22 kg

Phoenix SUPER LPG - 50kg tank

50 kg

Cylinder Information

250 psi

Design Working Pressure

480 psi

Testing Pressure

70 psi

LPG Pressure

370 psi

Pressure Relief

300 psi

Close / Pressure Relief

5 years

Hydrostatic Test


Phoenix Autogas

Autogas is a clean-burning, high octane, environment-friendly alternative fuel for vehicles.

It is considered a “green fuel” due to its low emission characteristic that is friendly to health and the environment and is considered the perfect alternative fuel for vehicles today.


About Phoenix SUPER LPG

Phoenix SUPER LPG is a credible and efficient green alternative fuel for home cooking.
With its German-made SRG regulator, it lets you discover the joys of cooking and gives modern Pinoys the freedom to rule and master their kitchen.

It is the flagship product of Phoenix LPG Philippines, Inc., a subsidiary of Phoenix Petroleum.

Engaged in selling and marketing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and other petroleum products, the company was previously known as Petronas Energy Philippines, Inc., a subsidiary of Petronas Dagangan Berhad of Malaysia, before it was acquired by Phoenix Petroleum in 2017.

With more than 20 years of experience in the LPG industry in the country, Phoenix SUPER LPG will continue Petronas Energy Philippines’ legacy of providing high-quality LPG products and services. These, with the variety of Phoenix Petroleum’s products and services, will give consumers more innovative and quality offerings, as the company aims to fuel the lives and businesses of Filipinos nationwide.

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