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We are
looking for

Qualified distributors to handle industrial packed lubricants (pails and drums) in different provinces within Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao who are already engaged in construction,
manufacturing, transport, mining and/or whole/retail industries.

Distributors must be willing to provide necessary distributor sales persons.

Our products

Motorcycle Oils

Phoenix Petroleum Heavy Duty Oils

Heavy Duty Diesel
Engine Oils

Phoenix Petroleum Passenger Car Motor Oils

Passenger Car Motor Oils

Phoenix Petroleum Industrial Oils

Industrial Oils

Phoenix Petroleum Marine Oils

Marine Oils

Phoenix Petroleum Gear Oils

Gear Oils

Phoenix Petroleum Grease


Phoenix lubricants are currently sold in all Phoenix retail stations, and selected auto and bike supply stores nationwide.

Better Performance

Better Performance with Phoenix Lubricants

Phoenix lubricants are especially formulated for better performance:

• Cycloboosters for superior engine protection

• Speed Booster for enhanced engine performance

• Heavy Duty Detergency Formula for longer engine life


Phoenix lubricants boast better quality and packaging, are competitively-priced, and aligned with the latest industry standards. Our portfolio includes 800ml products and carton re-packaging at 12x1 liter and 4x4 liter configurations.


Become a Phoenix Petroleum Lubricant Distributor

Rollout Program

Become a Phoenix Petroleum Lubricant Distributor

The Phoenix Lubricants and Sales Distribution team implements a distributor rollout program designed to select capable business partners for all territories nationwide.
These business partners are selected based on their:

• Financial capability

• Logistics

• Manpower

• Network resources

• Marketing and distribution experience

Phoenix distributors are expected to build the lubricants business in their assigned territories. The company is committed to help all partners with the following support:

Phoenix Lubricants Operation


• Development of a Master/Start-up Coverage Plan
• Master List of Accounts
• Development of a Business/Financial Plan of specific Distributor operations


• Assistance in deployment of start-up operational strategy
• Training on product knowledge and lubricants selling
• Regular monitoring of activities and all aspects of the
operations by well-trained Lubricants Account Managers


• National and local marketing and promotional programs
• Merchandising materials
• Territory exclusivity

For more information,

Mr. Jay Mujar
GM for Lubricants Sales and Distribution

Customer Service

1-800-10-PNXFUEL (769-3835)
and 0917-313-7011

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