Commercial & Industrial Petroleum Supplier

We supply fuel products to some of the largest companies and businesses.

Phoenix Petroleum serves the largest companies in a wide range of industries including the airline, shipping, logistics, fishing, mining, power, construction, and transportation sectors.

Since 2005, the company has been the exclusive logistics partner of Cebu Pacific, the country’s largest national carrier, in all their Mindanao flights.

Our fuel products

Our fuel products meet the Euro 4 specifications in compliance with the government mandate.

For Commercial
and Industrial

Premium Plus 97 Gasoline

Premium 95 Gasoline

Super Regular 91 Gasoline


Jet A1

IFO (Bunker Oil)

SFO 60-1500

In 2006, we were looking for a storage facility to set up aviation fuel operations in Davao, and there was Phoenix (then called DOTSCO) who had the storage facility. Now everytime that we need to open a new destination, we always look at Phoenix as our partner.

Joseph Macagga

Cebu Pacific’s Vice President for Fuel Procurement

Our main goal is to provide quality and reliable power supply in Western Mindanao. Short delivery lead time and on-time delivery of products are what we find most valuable about Phoenix as a business partner.

Engr. Jose Marie Torrejon

Western Mindanao Power Plant Manager

Our company's goal is to delight our customers with our passion for customer service. We decided to partner with Phoenix for two main reasons: quality fuel and customer support. Aside from fuels, I can rely on the Phoenix management and consult with them regarding management and operations improvement.

Arthur Kenneth Sy

TransAsia Shipping Lines President and CEO

The Phoenix X Factor

Why get your fuel from Phoenix?

Faster decision making with management in domestic offices

Lube Oil Monitoring

Active technical personnel

Product Analyses

We have our own trading a supply group

Affiliate shipping company with vessels and tugboats (Chelsea Logistics Corp.)

We own a fleet of delivery trucks and are logistics capable

We can meet your products specifications, whether it's for fuel or lubricants

 Regular technical trainings and seminars on topics such as product knowledge and safe handling of products


In addition to providing fuels and lubricants to clients, Phoenix Petroleum also offers reliable end-to-end business support to its partners across all industries. This includes supply reliability, high-quality products, round-the-clock technical service, and a complete and extensive product offering.

Our end-to-end customer service covers 24-hour delivery, high-quality fuels and lubricants, in-house laboratory testing facility, technical services, quality assurance, and product development. All of these are a testament to the company’s commitment of providing best-value products and services to our patrons and business partners.

Our Technical Services helps our customers achieve productivity of their fleet and manufacturing equipment that use Phoenix fuels and lubricants. This is done through technical evaluation of product formulations, proper testing of products, information dissemination to help end-users get more energy yield that improves productivity, bottom lines, and production cost.

  • Lubricant surveys – undertaken in all equipment and machineries of customers to ensure that only the right products are used in your equipment
  • Technical Visits –to troubleshoot maintenance problems regarding Phoenix fuels and lubricants when required, and to monitor the performance of these products
  • Seminars/trainings/workshops – to educate customers on the basics of lubrication and ensure the proper maintenance of their equipment.
  • Product matching and application – ensuring that the products recommended are in accordance with the equipment manual of the customers
  • Product Inquiries – matching all inquiries with proper and informative answers
  • Product/quality resolutions – resolve and remediate quality problems if such occur
  • After Sales Services - conducts emission tests and engine analysis to assist customers to comply with government regulations on emissions and to monitor the performance of their equipment.

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