Marco Gumabao, Michelle Dee, and 6 other celebs gear up to race against each other

Marco Gumabao, Michelle Dee, and 6 other celebs gear up to race against each other
Phoenix PULSE Young Drivers’ Program – Celebrity Showdown racers (L-R) Patricia Reyes, Kim Baranda, Marco Gumabao, Michelle Dee, Simon Javier, Vitto Marquez, Joshua Dionisio, and Cherizawa are all set to compete against each other in the new online series

On the pilot episode of the Phoenix PULSE Young Drivers’ Program – Celebrity Showdown, the racers are introduced to viewers and to each other as they talk about their background in racing and e-sports. The series debuted on June 11 on the Phoenix Petroleum Facebook page where the rest of the series will be shown and will feature celebrity racers competing against each other to be part of the Phoenix PULSE Formula V1 Virtual Cup team.

Aside from actor and model Marco Gumabao, and 2019 Miss World Philippines and actress Michelle Dee, also starring in the series are actor and performer Vitto Marquez, actor Joshua Dionisio, former Pinoy Big Brother housemate and influencer Kim Baranda, event and TV host Patricia Reyes, game streamer Cherizawa, and TikTok star Simon Javier.

With no to little background in racing, most of the participants express both excitement and concern about the competition as they’re about to take on a series of challenges both online and on an actual racing circuit.

“Before joining this competition, the only other competition that I ever joined was PBB All-in back in 2014, so this is really nerve-wracking,” said Kim Baranda whose closest racing experience is go karting on weekends with her mom.

At the end of the episode, the celebrity racers get behind the wheel for a virtual race to determine the grouping as they are to be divided into teams.

Dionisio, who likes cars but has no experience in racing, feels uneasy upon finding out that he barely knows any of the other celebrity racers. Meanwhile, the rest of the participants are buckling up and intently focused on what seems to be a virtual race.

“They will bring their A game also, so you can’t be too confident or too cocky,” Gumabao says about what he thinks of his competitors.

The real competition begins in the next week as the teaser shows the racers assisting at a pit stop of an actual race track. The next episodes will be uploaded every Friday at 8 PM on the Phoenix Petroleum, as well as on the Tuason Racing Facebook pages.

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