Phoenix earns API approval

Phoenix earns API approval
Phoenix Accelerate Super G 15W-40, a new automotive lubricant product of Phoenix Petroleum set to be released in 2021, earned an American Petroleum Institute seal.

Phoenix Petroleum recently earned the approval of the American Petroleum Institute (API) with one of its automotive products, Phoenix Accelerate Super G 15W-40. Recognized by the American organization’s Engine Oil Licensing Division as API SN Category automotive lubricant, the Phoenix automotive product was given the approval after it has passed the certification process.

“We are proud and honored to earn the seal of approval of the American Petroleum Institute as this affirms our commitment to deliver only the best to our customers. As a homegrown Filipino brand, obtaining such certification from a respected industry entity is a great feat that we will use to further develop excellent products and services,” said Phoenix General Manager for Commercial and Industrial Business Roy Jimenez.

Formed in 1929, API is an American organization with over 600 members, and has expanded its work globally. It encompasses multiple segments in the oil and natural gas industry, offering services for research & statistics, and certifications, among others. Considered as the world’s most recognized certifying body for automotive lubricants, it has developed more than 700 standards to enhance operational and environmental safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Accelerate Super G 15W-40 is the first of seven automotive engine oils that Phoenix has applied for API certification. “We are glad that all our measures to keep the excellent quality of our products are paying off. We expect that the other six lubricants applied for will also be approved and certified in due time,” said Phoenix Asst. Vice President for Technical Services and QAPD Jaime Diago.

With the recent approval, Phoenix Accelerate Super G 15W-40 is now publicly listed in the API Licensee Directory, while Phoenix is now authorized to affix the API donut symbol on the product packaging. “This is a great step forward that affirms all the lengths we go to to offer the best automotive products. This further pushes us to develop even offerings and offer more value to Filipino motorists, said Jay Mujar, Phoenix General Manager for Lubricants Sales and Distribution Business.

Phoenix Accelerate Super G 15W-40 and the full line of Phoenix lubricant products will be available by the first quarter of 2021 in Phoenix gas stations nationwide and its network of retailers.

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