Phoenix welcomes Dunkin’ and FamilyMart at Matina station

New Dunkin’ and FamilyMart stores open at a Phoenix station at the La Estrella Complex in Matina, Davao City.

More than just fuel, Phoenix Petroleum stations continue to offer more products and services as it welcomes two new locators–Dunkin’ and FamilyMart–at its station at the La Estrella Complex in Matina, Davao City.

The Dunkin’ store at Phoenix La Estrella comes with a dining area, a take-out counter, and a drive-thru–making it convenient for any type of customer. During the grand opening day, Dunkin’ offered large iced coffee for only Php 1 with every purchase of the Delights Bundle, a box of six doughnuts in different flavors. Aside from doughnuts, Dunkin’ is also known for its coffee selection, which includes Spanish Latte and Vietnamese Coffee.

Meanwhile, FamilyMart brings more reasons for Davaoeños to love Japanese snacks and drinks with the opening of its eighth store in the same compound. The newly opened konbini at Phoenix La Estrella has both air-conditioned and al-fresco dining areas. It also has an eTap machine and a POSIBLE device to give customers more access to a wider range of payment options across the company’s network of touchpoints. Aside from bill payments, the eTap machine can also accommodate e-money top-ups and prepaid loading.

A FreshKo outlet can also be found at Phoenix La Estrella. It offers a variety of fruit shakes, highlighting fruits that best describe what Davao City has to offer, such as mango, durian, buko, and avocado.

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