Shifting gears to keep the local racing scene alive

Shifting gears to keep the local racing scene alive

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed many aspects of daily living, leading to the phrase “new normal.” This applies not only to work, school, and business but to sports and recreation as well.

Tuason Racing, the first and only professional racing school in the Philippines, was fortunate enough to swiftly maneuver itself during the early stages of the lockdowns and prepare for this new way of doing things. “Sports is a big part of the lives not only of the players but of the fans as well—it’s a passion. That’s why I knew sooner or later we had to adapt and make sure that the racing experience would not be stalled or cancelled indefinitely,” explained its founder, legendary racer JP Tuason.

Since 2019, Tuason Racing has been planning for an e-Sports program together with its long-time partner and supporter, leading independent petroleum brand Phoenix. But because of the lockdown, a virtual sports event that combined both passion for racing and a desire to address the COVID-19 health crisis was launched as early as April. Called “Race for Frontliners”, the virtual charity competition enables the donation of a meal to medical frontliners for every participant who signed up.

By the end of the six-round virtual race, around 400 e-racers had participated in the event and Phoenix was able to distribute over 4,000 meals to the PNP Maritime Group, Philippine Coast Guard and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Now, as the whole world and the country continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Tuason Racing and Phoenix are partnering once more to keep spirits up and to take the e-racing experience to the next level with the Formula V1 Virtual Cup. “With the virus and lockdown still posing a challenge in physically running our very successful FV1 series, we have opted to keep the program top-of-mind by doing it virtually this year. Through a virtual platform using a PC base, we are running it similar to our real series with a promotional and sporting class to allow our drivers to keep their skills sharp,” said Tuason.

“Our support for the Philippine racing industry stems from our vision to provide local talents with a venue where they can hone their skills, and produce winners that can bring pride to the country. Hence, we formed the Phoenix PULSE Racing team which will represent the country and put a spotlight to the Philippines at the international racing stage–whether on the real or virtual race track, Phoenix, together with Tuason Racing, are committed to create programs to achieve this goal,” Phoenix Petroleum Vice President for Integrated Marketing and Strategies Celina Matias said.

Participants in the Phoenix PULSE Formula V1 Virtual Cup will get to drive the single-seat race car in Asseto Corsa on Windows PC, and will have two racing classes for the public: the Promotional Class for novice drivers who have no experience or are not associated in professional sim racing; and Sporting Class for professional e-Racers, who have competed in any sim racing events here and abroad.

The qualifying rounds will start on October 10, with the final round set on December 12. Interested participants may check the complete race guidelines and mechanics, and register at

The Phoenix PULSE Formula V1 Virtual Cup 2020 Series is backed by LG Philippines, FamilyMart, PC Express, Top Lift, Seven Garage, Ribbon Arc, Sim Racing PH, and the Automobile Association of the Philippines, with media partners C! Magazine, Inquirer Mobility, Autocar Philippines, Wheels Philippines, Time Attack Manila, and AutoDeal.

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