The Udenna Group denies buying TIM and investing in Smartmatic

“There is absolutely no truth to the allegations that the Udenna Group or its Chairman, Mr. Dennis Uy, purchased a local IT company called TIM.” Attorney Adel Tamano, the spokesman for the Udenna Group, issued this statement to directly refute claims in various social media fora that Mr. Uy had purchased TIM in order to affect the outcome of the 2019 National Elections. TIM is reported to be the local partner of Smartmatic, which provided the machines for the automated elections.

Attorney Tamano said further that, “as law abiding citizens who respect the democratic electoral process, we take these allegations very seriously. In fact, we have instructed our security and legal teams to investigate this matter, specifically on who are the persons making these ridiculous claims. We are considering filing civil and/or criminal cases, if necessary, to protect the reputation of Mr. Dennis Uy and the Udenna Group.”

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